Our Team

Mal's Diner has an incredible team that make the diner the legendary experience it is. Now you get to meet the team for yourself.


Kelli (Mal’s sister) is a shining light in the diner. It’s her goal to bring that with her every single day. When she isn’t sharing it with us she’s home with her 3 beautiful children and fiance Zach. She spends her time in the garden, with her pets, and just enjoying life


Mickayla is our queen of the kitchen. Her joy is cooking food as pretty as it is tasty. She manages to make cooking look easy no matter how busy. When she isn’t at the diner she spends her time with her husband, Tyler, her pitbull children, and spending time with her amazing Mom and many friends.


Antonia (Mal’s Daughter) is our diner go-getter. She’s the girl that gets in and gets stuff done all while smiling and constantly showing that legendary vibe, When she’s not at the diner she’s at college studying to be a doctor. She spends her free time with friends, family, and her studies. 

(aka Nene)

Rhonda (Mal’s Mom and the diner grandma) is our smiling face and delicious dessert maker. She loves to spend time at the diner getting to know every customer. When she’s not at the diner she’s at home with her father, spending time with family, or sewing a new creation. 


Marie (Mal’s will be daughter-in-law) is our multitalented girl. She can serve with a smile but she’s a true rockstar in the kitchen. When she’s not at the diner she’s with her boyfriend, Austin (Mal’s son), her Gracie dog, or her paint horse out having fun. 


Wally is our team’s balancing guy. He remains cool calm and collected whether cooking in the kitchen or listening to all his female teammates. You can also see him saving lives with Vale Ambulance. When he isn’t busy he enjoys his time with family, friends, and most definitely fishing for the next big one. 


The most important team mate we have is you. Without you we don’t have a purpose and we are forever grateful to have you on our team.